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Group X Classes

At Will2Lose  our classes are designed to provide our members a great workout experience every time while keeping a safe and supportive environment for all fitness levels to enjoy. All instructors have undergone extensive training in their fields and are veterans of the fitness industry. Our instructors understand that not everyone comes from the same fitness levels and encourage our members to participate in all classes.


Group X Classes

Find the best environment for successful weight loss and healthy living with a group exercise class.



Moderate style of specific postures in sequence to emphasize breath, flexibility, strength and endurance.


Cardio Sculpt

Total body workout for both muscular endurance and strength. Continuous movements to great music helps keep the heartrate at a moderate level to optimize calorie burning.


Pilates Mat

An innovative system of mind-body exercises. Pilates includes core strength, balance and good posture while increasing flexibility. A great way to develop a foundation for exercise.



A combination of upper and lower body martial arts movements designed in a way to give you the ultimate burn.


Studio Cycling

Cardio workout on a stationary bike. Classes are focused on giving you the best workout possible in a safe environment. Rides may include climbs and sprints, heart rate zones and many other techniques.


Ballet Core

Utilizing ballet movements, isometrics, changes in rhythm, creative mat work and standing-balance exercises.



A fusion of Latin, international and popular music/dance themes creating a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system. The routines features aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body with easy to follow dance steps.


Step and Strength

This class includes a combination of step with strength training. A great workout with fun music and uplifting choreography.

TRX Training

TRX Training

TRX suspension training was first started by the Navy Seals. Suspension training is a leveraged body exercise. It is starting to take the fitness world by storm. With your own body leverage you can build power, strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, mobility and prevent injuries.


Lifestyle/weight loss coach

Each member gets assigned to a lifestyle weight loss coach. This person is your friend in the club. They will help guide you through your journey on achieving all your fitness goals. Your coach will help you understand what classes are best fit for your needs as well as which trainers to work with. They also will help you understand equipment, exercise techniques and provide you with basic nutritional advice.



Our club offers a nutritionist on staff for all your dietary needs and concerns. We also offer as part of your membership monthly nutritional education classes to help you understand healthy diet habits, meal planning, shopping and much much more.


Will2Lose Fitness Track

A 30 minute full body workout which begins every hour. It is a combination of machines and interval exercise that is instructed by one of our trainers to help you develop a fitness foundation so you can transition safely onto more challenging exercises.


Small Group Program

Small group exercise incorporates a group of 5-10 participants for 50 minutes with a trainer. Our programs will include TRX, boot camp, interval training, plyometrics, cross fit, and much more.


Outdoor retreats and Weekend Getaways

As a member of our club you will be able to take your exercise outdoors. Examples of this includes hikes, outdoor boot camps, wellness retreats and an occasional 5-10 k walk/run.

Organic Smoothie Bar

Organic Smoothie Bar

We believe every cell in the human body has a life and in that life we believe if given the right nutrients at the right time, the life of the cell can be extended and healed. Our passion is to help people realize this and help them excel by giving them access to healthy foods while simplifying the complex world of nutrition.


Detox/weight loss sauna

A single session in our detox/weight loss sauna can burn up to 800 calories throughout the day, which is the same as jogging or rowing!! It also helps with controlling the appearance of cellulite. Detoxification occurs by producing 6x more toxin release through sweat than a traditional sauna.


Personal Training

Increase results and find the power to continue on your health and fitness journey with personal training services from a professional trainer.


Realfit X System

Realfit X System is designed to help you achieve overall fitness including weight loss, increased strength and stamina, while increasing confidence and keeping you from plateauing.


Body Sculpting Classes

Using a combination of cardio, strength, and resistance training, Body Sculpting classes at Will2Lose will get you lean and mean.

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