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Helping change lives through real estate

From Corporate America to Cash Flowing a million

“I always knew there was something else I was supposed to be doing. All roads seemed to point to real estate but I didn’t know where to start. Darrick’s system not only showed me where to start but also helped me keep momentum. Eventually I didn’t need to have him continue to baby sit me anymore and I was able to close a deal on my own”

G. Knight

From 0 knowledge to closing my first deal

“Darrick is a genuine and passionate person. You can just feel it. Darrick and the team really want to work with people and help them succeed. They’re not in it for the money because the money is there to be made. They’re in it to help others obtain their freedom. And, when I saw that…I realized this was the program we needed to do”

P. Bell

1st Deal & closes a $38,000 check

Tia is one of the students on the Cash Flow Millionaire Profit System. She attended her first seminar in mid March and a little over 3 months later is cashing her first check. With her working in corporate America, time was limited but I told her that if she sticks with it, it will pay off because it’s not me that’s brings in the money, it’s the proven duplicatable system that is in place.

  • Attended a live seminar in March
  • Cashed a check in July


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